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Pallet Racks

They are suitable for warehouses where many types of goods are stored

Pallet racks are the most commonly chosen storage system as they are the most adaptable. They can be used to store products of various sizes and weights in small and large warehouses, making efficient use of space.

Pallet racks have shelves or pallets; thus, they are designed for packaged products that are stored on shelves. They are suitable for warehouses where many types of goods are stored and have the following characteristics:

  • Easily adjustable beam height
  • Convenient pallet pick-up
  • Beam walls at the compressive and tensile limit are doubled and therefore are especially firm
  • The profile is designed in such a way that all areas of the structure are 100% utilised when loaded
  • They have a colour palette
  • Various beam lengths and stand heights
  • They can be adapted to different loads

Drive-IN Pallet Racks

This is an ideal solution for storing one type of product. The system is characterised by the possibility of accommodating a large number of pallets in a relatively small area, as no gaps between the racks are required. Drive-IN has the following features:

  • Maximum use of space (85%)
  • There are no restrictions on Drive-IN racks. Up to 10,000 pallet spaces can be designed
  • They are particularly safe. Designed to withstand the direct impact of the equipment without damaging the structure

Various Racks – Shelves:

These racks have sturdy and easy-to-assemble shelves for manual storage. They are suitable for storing a wide range of medium and small loads, as well as small stocks of goods and spare parts. Racks-shelves have the following advantages:

  • Quickly assembled shelves
  • Height of the shelves can be changed easily and simply
  • Suitable for offices, warehouses, shops, garages, repair shops and the food industry
  • Nice and modern appearance
  • Shelves are stable and withstand heavy loads
  • Have additional accessories, partitions, and boxes
  • Have a colour palette

Cantilever racks for long loads

These racks are particularly firm, so they can withstand heavy loads. They are used for horizontally loading long loads. Racks can be used in various areas, such as storage of wood, building materials, rolls and other large loads. They have the following characteristics:

  • There are one- or two-way cantilevers
  • Adapted for storage outdoors following installation of the roof
  • They withstand heavy loads
  • Particularly safe, designed to remain stable while withstanding high loads

Gravity Racks

It is a racking system that is used for storage of perishable products and efficient use of storage space. The racking system consists of storage corridors with rollers installed with a small slope (3% to 5%). Goods loaded on one side of the racks are moved down towards the unloading area with the help of rollers as a result of the tilting of the shelves and the action of their own gravity. The traffic of goods movement is controlled by means of a braking system.


Gravity racks are mainly used when storing extremely large quantities of homogeneous products with high turnover, such as in the food, cosmetics, chemical or pharmaceutical industries. Considering that these racks operate on a FIFO (first in, first out) basis, the shelf life of the stored goods can be regulated.

Gravity racks make more efficient use of storage space than other pallet racks because there are no passageways. Storage space is up to 80% of the total room area. Separate loading and unloading areas allow more efficient management of staff and reduce their need.

Gravity racks can be serviced on many forklift models.

We will not only deliver the storage racks to the specified address, but also install them.

Fast and professional installation saves our customers time and energy and helps them avoid accidents. Rack installation is challenging work that we recommend to be done by specialists. Improperly installed structures can lead to emergency situations that can damage goods and injure warehouse workers.

The Racks Should be Installed by Professionals

With our professional team, storage racks will be reliably installed and ensure productive and safe use of the warehouse.