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Warehouse Inspection

Warehouse Inspections can help Prevent Accidents and Injuries

Thanks to the Racks, the Entire Length and Width of the Warehouse is Used

The main goal of warehouse logistics is to make the most of warehouse space; racks are used for this purpose. Not only the length and width of the warehouse space is used with them, but also the height of the premises; they allow the creation of storage places for goods at various heights. The construction of pallet racks (most often used in logistics warehouses) is not complicated and they are quick to install. Thus, various goods can be stored at different heights, directly on pallets and the warehouse volume can be filled to the maximum. Despite the simplicity of construction, pallet racks can withstand quite a lot of weight loads. Appropriate load requirements are set for each structural element.

Warehouse Inspections can help Prevent Accidents and Injuries

When using pallet racks, a storage technique is most commonly used which allows goods to be lifted, with all pallets, to various rack heights. Excessive use of storage equipment often leads to various accidents or collisions with racks. In the event of the slightest incident, the racks become damaged. Not only the part of the rack that was hit is damaged, but also its entire construction. Deformations of metals, changes in the elasticity of metals and other technological and structural changes lead to a redistribution of centres of gravity. Redistribution of the centres of gravity places a higher load on some parts than others and can exceed critical limits, which can lead to accidents.

Warehouse inspection helps prevent accidents and incidents due to rack deformation.

In the event of the slightest damage to the rack structure, no manufacturer can guarantee that the racks will continue to operate safely. The slightest damage can lead to major accidents, damage to goods, injury or even death. A warehouse inspection is required to prevent this from happening.

Rack Inspection According to EU Standards

The operating procedure of the racks is determined by the EU standard EN 15635. According to this procedure (paragraph, their condition must be visually inspected periodically once a week. During such periodic inspections of the racks and the warehouse, the deficiencies observed must be noted in the logbook.

The procedure also stipulates that a complete technical inspection and examination of the racks must be performed at least once every 12 months (paragraph The examination must be carried out by a competent expert and a written report must be provided on the current condition of the racks, with comments and suggestions on what action to take.

These paragraphs are not mentioned unnecessarily. One of the main factors to prevent accidents is timely inspection of the warehouse. During the inspection, if damages are noticed, they should be removed.

Warehouse Inspection with Experts

Expertise is essential to determine the level and severity of damage. The directive states that the operation of racks is prohibited for the slightest damage, but it is often the case that minor deficiencies are noticed and critical rack failures are not.

At Preneta Ltd, warehouse inspection is only performed by highly experienced rack experts with international certificates. They will help to accurately identify all damages, potential threats and make suggestions on how to optimally eliminate the flaws. Contact an expert!