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Rack repair

We offer solution - to repair damaged legs without unloading the products.

We know that various incidents often occur in warehouses, during production processes where warehousing techniques are used. This affects storage equipment and storage racks. One of their most vulnerable places is the supports (legs).

If the legs of the racks are damaged, it is unsafe to store the goods on them. Deformed legs can injure working people, break and damage goods; therefore, warehouse repairs can be necessary.

Changing the Rack Leg is not that Easy

Replacing a damaged leg is a complicated process as it is necessary to unload all goods from both sides of the damaged support, dismantle the transverse elements of the rack, remove the tie parts of the legs, etc.

The damaged leg often deforms the tied parts and the pair of support legs. Hence, it is difficult to apply a new one. Furthermore, when replacing the damaged support with a new one, there are 100 floor attachments that overlap to bear in mind, and during the incident, floor attachments (anchors) are almost always damaged. Screwing new ones in the same place is difficult, and the floor covering in that place is usually not very strong.

We offer another solution - to repair damaged legs without unloading the products.


The rack, with a damaged support leg, is lifted by using special original equipment. (No need to unload the goods, but two selection places need to be vacated temporarily.)

The damaged part of the leg is precisely cut with special cordless, cold-cutting and non-sparking equipment. A repair leg, made according to the racks, is installed, and is attached to the floor in places other than the one that was damaged.

The whole process takes about 30 minutes.

Why is it Worth it to Repair?

Only very high-quality materials and fastening parts, as well as professional high-quality equipment are used for rack repair. Therefore, the quality of the repaired leg is not worse than that of of the original leg (in many respects it is much firmer and more resistant to shocks). Rack repairs do not take long (about 30 minutes). During the repairs, there is no involvement of a large or any other bigger equipment, such as the rack leg and crossbars, that might block the passageways. No tools or equipment that require electrical wires and cables that interfere with the operation of the warehouse are used either. Therefore, the repair of the warehouse does not require the stopping of its operation.

The cost of rack repairs is calculated for each case individually, taking into account their specific damage and the complexity of the work.